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Windscreen Repair

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Got A Chipped Windscreen ?

We could save you from an expensive windscreen replacement cost or insurance excess payment , As we may be able to repair your Windscreen for FREE !

Don't Leave It Till Its Too Late

If you notice a chip on your windscreen its advised to have it repaired as soon as possible, if the weather is allowed to get to it or you hit a bump in the road , it may stress the chip leading to a crack and an expensive replacement.

How do you get it repaired for FREE .

Autostone Windscreens is insurance approved with most leading insurance companies, if your car insurance has glass cover then there's a good chance we can repair your chip for free without effecting your no claims bonus.

All you need to do is Call 0800 032 7855 with your insurance details and we will check to see if your covered.

What if you don't have glass cover with your insurance.

Don't worry we can still help, Autostone's windscreen chip repair service is competitively priced.
Call us on 0800 032 7855 for our latest prices.

How do we repair your windscreen ?

We use the latest esprit windscreen repair system leaving your windscreen chip damage looking as good as new.
Watch the video below for more details on how your windscreen is repaired

Below you will find some guides on where and what size windscreen chips we can repair, but if your unsure just give us a call ,we would be happy to help .

Windscreen Chip Repair Watford Call 0800 032 7855

  Zone A

Damage that can be contained within a 10mm diameter circle (maximum of 2 defects provided they are more than 100mm apart).

Zone C

Damage that can be contained within a 40mm diameter circle (maximum of 2 defects provided they are more than 100mm apart).

Chipped Windscreen Call 0800 032 7855

Zone B

Damage that can be contained within a 200mm diameter circle or hairline cracks up to 30mm long (maximum of 2 defects provided they are more than 100mm apart).


1)The vehicle should be failed where damage is beyond the above limits.
2) Damage windscreens may be required provided the repairs meet the requirements of Codes of Practice BS AU242 and BS AU251.
3) Light scratching which does not obscure the driver's view should be ignored.
4) In some instances because of size, type and position of the damage, the whole windscreen may need to be replaced.

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