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Around The Clock Call Out

Autostone Windscreens 24/7 call out | Autostone Windscreens ltd is providing Different 24/7 call out compared to its competitors.

Autostone Windscreen same night call out it’s the service customer’s or fleet customer’s want reason being other competitors do not provide the good old same night call out any more 30 years ago so what makes us different is we will provide the 24/7 same night call out reason being our customer’s / fleet customer’s will appreciate this very old unique service as Autostone Windscreens Part of Autostone Group Founder as been technician in the sector and has serviced customer’s whom want the good old customer service back so Autostone Windscreens will be providing the said service .

Why as follows

We Aim to carry out our standards of workmanship right first time and in raising those standards to do that we will provide the same night call out for our customer’s and fleet customer’s for Bodyglass replacement or to secure their vehicle what ever time in the night so customer’s are able to use their car or van or lorry for the next day to which we aim to take the inconvenience away for our customer’s and stress in having their Bodyglass replaced so their vehicle is fully secured via our fully mobile service . So please go to our online pre-booking service or call our call Centre: 0800 032 7855 they would gladly take all your details and pass them on to our local Mobile technician whom covers your area whom you will be contact by to make sure all your detail are correct at the time of going through our call centre .

Windscreen Repair Night service:

Autostone Windscreens will also be exploring Windscreen Repair Night service as we use the latest Esprit Windscreen repair kit and also our van’s are fully equipped to which they have the correct night lights we are able to carry out Windscreen repair same night service to which the founder of Autostone Group feels this service will also take the inconvenience / stress away from its customer’s and fleet customer’s to Explore this Service please call Centre: 0800 032 7855 or go via our online pre-booking service 

  • Autostone Windscreens does have 24/7 call out centre open 7 day’s week 365 days of the year.
  • Our Mobile Techs are fully assessed and Accredited.
  • Autostone Windscreens as fully equipped van’s.
  • Credit or debit card payment taken via our IPad or Tablet system which our Mobile techs will take.

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