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Esprit Windscreen repair will provide the training to Autostone Windscreens Experienced techs Via Autostone Group for re-assessment on Windscreens repair Programme and take practical / theory Tests and when apprenticeships are recruited they will follow the correct training and take practical theory test to pass the GQA Windscreen repair Accreditation to which at Autostone Windscreens is part of Autostone Group the Founder/CEO has very high standards and whom do become part of the Autostone Group Career Path they will need to follow the same ethos and Passion as the Founder of Autostone Group and the guide lines set down by Esprit windscreen repair training programme on behalf of Autostone Windscreens Via Autostone Group ltd .


Sika is World leader in Automotive Glass adhesive products and Training and Technician Assessment to which the Founder of Autostone Group Ltd as very good relationship with Sika which is why they want to support Autostone Windscreens ltd which is part of Autostone Group as Sika Will provide Comprehensive training programme on sika Product Training / Assessment to Autostone Windscreens recruitment programme Via Autostone Group Founder/ CEO also has very high standards and whom do become part of the Autostone Group Career path they will need to follow the same ethos and passion as the founder of Autostone Group and Sika Guide lines set which will be set down when Autostone Windscreens sets out in raising the standards.


Autostone Windscreens is working in conjunction with Cricklewood Carrier Cab Company. Cricklewood Carriers Cab Company has been in business for many years. We are one of the oldest and most established London Taxi garages. In that time we've built up a reputation for honesty, reliability and a focus on customer satisfaction. Our customer service is second to none. Our prices are competitive and we guarantee all our work. Our target is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. And if we don't meet our target, we want to know why. In an industry with rogue mechanics, sharp operators, and disreputable companies, honesty, integrity and hard work are the foundation of our success.


IZettle was chosen for Autostone Windscreens by the founder/ CEO of Autostone Group for its Mobile credit/ debit card payment System for its Autostone Windscreens Rapid Static sites which will be rolled out through Autostone Windscreens Organic Growth plans. And the IZettle partnership for Autostone Windscreens full Mobile service this service is very unique to Autostone Windscreens which is Part of Autostone Group ltd. Chip & PIN solution that enables anyone to take card payments with their smartphone or tablet."


Charles ( Pugh Glass ) Ltd was established 1917 to which is an Automotive Glass Distribution supplier’ whom was chosen by the founder / CEO of Autostone Group to be Autostone Windscreens main Automotive Glass supplier for Autostone Windscreens Growth plan network to which is Part of Autostone Group ltd .

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